The free alternative for assistance and maintenance of your milling machine

Thanks to its more than ten-year specific experience in dental CadCam, Dental Four is able to provide technical assistance for the best brands of milling machines available on the Italian market, and for all the major CAM software used.

We are available both for “spot” interventions on a single problem and to study a service plan – annual or multi-year – tailored for you based on your machines and your specific production for the period following the expiry of the manufacturer’s warranty.

If your machine is connected to the network and allows remote maintenance, often the intervention can be almost immediate at a very low cost.

Speed and Digitization

Quick intervention by highly qualified technicians, aware that the milling machine is; decisive for your production, both on site and using audio-video tools.

Tailor-made assistance

Personalized service plans, according to your machines and your specific job.